Decontamination & Remediation

Decontamination and remediation services to safe guard your health, safety and wellbeing.


Precision Group NT’s supervisors, workers and technicians are licenced to conduct asbestos surveys, testing, analysis, and removal.

We safely collect asbestos samples following the NT WorkSafe Code of Practice: How to Safely Remove Asbestos 2011 and other relevant Australian standards and legislation. We then transport the samples to a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) certified laboratory to assess for the presence or absence of asbestos.

Our personnel receive regular asbestos awareness training to ensure they comply with the relevant safe work codes of practice, procedures, regulations, and legislation.


Precision Group NT uses trained specialist technicians who adhere to Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines. Our technicians conduct preliminary contamination risk assessments by taking samples of surface particles for laboratory testing.

We consult with a local government Environmental Health Officer before further assessment and remediation if we suspect that methamphetamine production has occurred.

We understand the stigma associated with methamphetamine, and we work discreetly to safeguard confidentiality when undertaking assessments, testing and remediation.

Biological Waste 

Precision Group NT’s biological remediation technicians thoroughly clean, disinfect and dispose of all biological waste to prevent serious risk to human health from bloodborne pathogens and viruses. This may involve removing or restoring bedding, furnishings, curtains, carpets, underlay and in some cases, flooring. Our focus is to restore the contaminated area to a safe environment, free from biological hazards.

Our technicians are respectful and discreet when undertaking biological remediation. We understand these situations can be distressing for those involved, especially in the case of death and suicide.


Precision Group NT utilises the services of our internationally certified personnel who conduct microbial, indoor air quality and HVAC assessments for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

  • As part of your Mould Removal Package you will receive:
  • A mould survey
  • A NATA endorsed report including identified locations
  • A free quote for mould removal and disposal (if required)

Water & Sewage 

Precision Group NT provides fast, reliable, and affordable water and sewage damage recovery services to residential and commercial properties.

Our team of qualified and trained technicians undertake an initial inspection of the water or sewage damage and determine the level of remediation techniques required. We also ensure the area is safe prior to assessment and recovery by removing any electrical wires and devices and slip hazards.

We use top of the range extractors to extract flood water and sewage and employ techniques which achieve fast carpet drying. In most cases, we can recover your carpet to a better condition than it was before the flooding event. We also install air dehumidifiers to remove all traces of moisture and filter the air through an automated purifying filter.

COVID-19 Disinfection & Cleaning 

Precision Group’s COVID-19 decontamination specialists deep clean and disinfect public and commercial properties, including hospitals; aged care facilities; schools; religious institutions; banks and office buildings and more…

Our specialists wear fully encapsulated personal protective equipment and use specialist cleaning tools and equipment to achieve deep cleaning and disinfection of your property. 

We deep clean, disinfect and dispose of all infected items while following biohazard waste disposal guidelines to prevent re-infection and use EPA registered industrial-strength products to disinfect and eradicate all traces of infection.

We also follow strict decontamination procedures when cleaning our equipment, vehicles, and waste storage areas to prevent reinfection.

Read more about our COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning services here. 

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