Vacate and Planned Works

Precision Group NT is proud to have delivered the vacate and planned works contract to the Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) since 2015. The contract period was for 1 year with the option to extend for a further 2 years.

Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, DHCD has a responsibility to ensure that the premises and ancillary property are in a reasonable state of repair for tenants to occupy the premises. The premises also need to be maintained in a reasonable state of repair. The works were required due to a range of circumstances such as wear and tear, damage, and other events such as fire or storms. The demand for public housing was another critical driving factor of this contract. The limited stock and strong demand meant that Precision Group NT needed to complete vacate works as soon as possible.

Precision Group NT conducted vacate and planned works as part of this contract, to ensure that the state of the housing conformed to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. We also worked within DHCD’s regulations and protocols concerning accessing houses at different priority levels and ensured communication was conducted with the tenants in accordance with DHCD’s requirements.

Precision Group NT worked in accordance with DHCD’s Priority System, with Grading Classifications from 1-4, stipulating the amount of time for completion. These range from 5, 15, 25+ days.

The following services have been delivered during the contract:

Asbestos Removal: Precision Group NT conducted asbestos removal in accordance with Section 19 of the WHS Act. Precision Group NT is licensed in asbestos removal, has innovative equipment and employs the most comprehensive asbestos removal procedures. We also conduct asbestos awareness training for our personnel. We complied with all the relevant regulations when conducting asbestos removal during this contract.

Building Approvals: Precision Group NT arranged building approvals where required as part of this contract. We also completed section 96 builder’s declarations, Section 40 Certificates of Compliance, and other certificates.

Completion of Works and the Handback Process: Precision Group NT completed a thorough completion of the works process including removing any debris, ensuring all waste is removed from the house, facilities are clean and ready for use and all equipment is in good working order. We worked with the DHCD to conduct joint handback inspections of the work.

Cyclone management: Precision Group NT implemented our Cyclone Management Plan on three occasions. As part of the plan, we conducted a risk management and risk identification audit on each of the properties we were working at and took appropriate measures to prepare for the respective cyclone. By implementing our Cyclone Management Plan, we ensured we had adequate measures in place for our own premises and could allocate resources to the properties to ensure they were well prepared. Risk management measures included boarding up windows and removing debris from around the properties to minimise injury and property damage. Where we noticed potential issues with neighbouring properties which were tenanted, we advised the tenants on the measures they could take to prepare for the cyclone.

On average, 105 houses per year are being upgraded through this contract and have been delivered by Precision Group NT on time and with high-quality finishes.

To date, Precision Group NT has undertaken a range of works under this contract including plumbing, carpentry and joinery, toilet upgrades, second fix (door locks, doors etc.), upgrade dwellings, security, electrical switchboards, plastering, painting, asbestos removal and roofing. We also deliver preventative maintenance works on all properties we work on to ensure the property is fully functional. All products we utilise meet the relevant Australian Standards.

As part of this contract, Precision Group NT was engaged in delivering the following projects:

  • Stimulus: 11306 – Hop13190 – Complex Works – Roof Repairs and Roof Replacements – Lot 773 – 50 Priest Circuit, Gray, Palmerston
  • Stimulus: 11394 – Hop13510 – Roof Replacement All Building and Awnings – 1 Rickards Court, Malak – Casuarina
  • Complex Works: Roof Replacement – 4 Tabletop Place Malak