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Responsive Repairs & Maintenance for Defence Housing Australia

Precision Group NT has been providing plumbing, hot water, irrigation, smoke detector and garden maintenance for Defence Housing Australia (DHA) properties since 2018.  DHA has, under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, a responsibility to ensure that the defence properties are in a reasonable state for tenants to occupy the premises. The works are required due to a range of circumstances such as wear and tear, damage, and other events such as fire or storms and the contract is for 36 months.

Precision Group NT conducted vacate and planned works as part of this contract, to ensure that the state of the housing conformed to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. We also worked within DHA’s regulations and protocols with respect to accessing houses at different priority levels and ensured communication was conducted with the tenants in accordance with DHA’s requirements. We worked in accordance with the Priority System, with Grading Classifications from 1-4, stipulating the amount of time for completion. These range from 5, 15, 25+ days.

In addition to services including general plumbing, servicing of hot water units, irrigation, gardening (including tree removal, and servicing smoke detectors, Precision Group NT performed the following services.

Asbestos removal: Precision Group NT conducted asbestos removal as part of the vacate works in accordance with Section 19 of the Workplace, Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act). Precision Group NT is licensed in asbestos removal, has innovative equipment and employs the most comprehensive asbestos removal procedures. We also conduct asbestos awareness training for our personnel and have been compliant with all the relevant regulations when conducting asbestos removal during this contract.

Building approvals: Precision Group NT arranged building approvals where required as part of this contract. We also completed section 96 builder’s declarations, Section 40 CoC, and other certificates.

Completion of works and the hand back process: Precision Group NT has completed a thorough completion of the works process including removing any debris, ensuring all waste is removed from the house, facilities are clean and ready for use and all equipment is in good working order. We are working with DHA to conduct joint hand back inspections of the work on completion.

To date, Precision Group NT has undertaken a range of works under this contract including general plumbing, servicing of hot water units, irrigation, gardening (including tree removal, and servicing smoke detectors. We also deliver preventative maintenance works on all properties we work on to ensure the property is fully functional. On average, over 200 houses per year are being upgraded through this contract and have been delivered by Precision Group NT on time and with high-quality finishes and all products used meet the relevant Australian Standards.