Boundary Fencing, Coconut Grove

The Department of Housing and Community Development engaged Precision Group NT to replace selected boundary fencing to complexes 15 and 25 Progress Drive in Coconut Grove.

Precision Group NT replaced the boundary fencing to comply with NT WorkSafe as required by the Work Health and Safety Act and relevant Australian Standards.

Key services included:

Removal of:

  • All small trees and vegetation to maintain a clear installation of fence alignment
  • Neighbouring vegetation overhanging into the Department’s property was cut back in line with the site boundary only
  • Existing tubular posts, timber post, other fencing material, concrete footings and, including backfilling footings
  • All waste, soil spoils, fencing materials, removed/pruned trees and vegetation from the site and dumped in a registered waste station/tip leaving the site neat, clean and tidy

Installation of Good Neighbour fencing or similar product included:

  • Providing all engineering and clearances to carry out the works
  • Carrying out all works (Good Neighbour section) as per ‘Vertical Good Neighbour’ fencing
  • Installation of the Good Neighbour fence panels or similar fence product with 100mm gap/clear above ground level
  • Installation of 8m high, Good Neighbour Cyclonic fencing or similar Panel colour ‘Colorbond Monument’
  • Ensuring there was no footing was within the 3m wide easement

Installation of custom-designed boundary fence included:

  • Installation of 8m high, custom steel fence (approximately 3m in length)
  • The fence post was SHS steel with paint finish and with structurally approved concrete footings
  • Providing top and bottom RHS horizontal rails fully welded to SHS posts with paint finish
  • Screwing fix Colorbond cladding to the top and bottom rails to full fence height
  • Providing preformed metal capping to the full length of 3m custom fence with a maximum 100mm gap between the base of fence cladding and existing ground level
  • Ensuring there was no footing within the 3m wide easement.